Xpanse™ Solar Awning Enables Limitless Off-Grid Adventures

The future of RV’ing is here!

Robust Panel Design

The Xpanse™ solar awning features rigid and robust solar panels that are designed for performance and durability. Built using traditional solar materials, these glass-based solar panels are very shade tolerant and designed to last for years

Highly Wind Tolerant

The awing has an innovative design that allows wind to pass through gaps between the panels when the awning is retracted slightly, which enables impressive stability in windy conditions. In extreme weather conditions, the awning automatically retracts completely

Quiet And Clean

Enjoy the serene outdoors free of noise, smelly fumes, and other restrictions and limitations that come with a generator. Xpanse™ produces power every day, no matter how long you are off-grid.

Super Easy to Operate

Push a button to open it and start generating energy in no time. Push a button to close it, and you’re ready to hit the road.

1200W Of Power

Xpanse™ is built with a high efficiency solar cell technology and an innovative panel design to deliver a power rating of 1200Watts. That’s ample power to run most of the appliances in your RV without plug-ins


Xpanse™ integrates beautifully and seamlessly with your RV. When you are ready to go, the awning retracts neatly and securely into an elegant enclosure.

Why should you choose Xpanse™ over other options?

More power. Greater convenience. Superior value


  • Restricted travel
  • Crowded
  • High campground fees


  • Loud
  • Polluting
  • Requires constant re-fueling
  • Use restricted in some parks


  • Limited power due to limited of roof space
  • Roof not accessible for maintenance or repair
  • Custom and expensive installations
  • Lack of quality control during installation
  • Panels shaded by roof structures


  • Extends solar beyond roof for unlimited boondocking
  • More power at a lower cost than rooftop solar
  • High quality workmanship by trained installers
  • Easy roof access for maintenance and repair

Media Coverage

“This Cool New Solar Awning Could Revolutionize Camping Trailers” – Gear Patrol

“The Xpanse™ Solar Awning…can provide up to 1.2 kW of solar power to power up an RV full of appliances while it shades your comfy seats below.” – Car and Driver

“…innovative option certainly takes solar to new places.”– Saur Energy

“…revolutionary Xpanse™ solar awning may have what it takes to turn the market on it’s head.”– Hiconsumption

”Ready for Limitless Off-Grid Adventures?” – Autoevolution

RV Owner Testimonials

” Adding 1200W of solar opens a lot of possibilities…”

“A great way to have more real estate as far as solar goes… there’s only so much room on the roof of an RV”