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Frequently Asked Questions

Sales & Pricing

What configurations does Xpanse™ come in?

Xpanse™ is currently available in a 16′ x 7 ‘, 1200 watt model with additional configurations being planned.

When will first deliveries be made?

We are setting up manufacturing and expect first deliveries for pre-order customers starting September 2024.

Will you be developing a version that will work on a class B campervan?

Yes, we’re planning on creating a version that works on a class B campervan, and will make an announcement when it is available.

Do you have a roof-mounted awning option?

Not yet, although we are working on alternative arm/actuating systems for roof-mounting, and will make an announcement when it is available.

Can I customize the configuration?

Not at this time, but potentially in the future.

What are your wholesale and retail prices?

Retail prices can be found on our Pre-orders Page. For wholesale prices, contact us.

Do you provide discounted pricing for volume orders?

Please contact us to discuss.

Do you offer financing?

Not at this time, but our distribution and retail partners might.

What warranty do you offer?

We are planning to offer a 3-year warranty on the solar elements of the awning and a 1-year warranty on the other elements. The specific terms of our warranty are still being finalized.

How do I order it?

You can order on our Pre-orders Page. For volume orders, please contact us.

Installation & Repair

What changes to the RV need to be made to accommodate the solar awning?

Our system has been designed from the inside out to be universally retrofittable on most RV model with minimal need for vehicle modification.

Beyond installing the solar awning, the rest of the system leverages standard components used in any rooftop solar installation (e.g., charge controller, battery, inverter) and requires the same level of modifications.

Are special tools or skills required for installation?

No special tools are required. We designed Xpanse™ to be easily installed using standard tools (drills, drivers, wrenches, etc).

Can Xpanse™ be installed on a curved trailer, like an Airstream?

Not yet, although we are working on a variation of the product for Airstream, and will make an announcement when it is available.

Can I install Xpanse™ solar awning with my existing awning?

Yes. If there is at least 16 feet of space adjacent to the existing awning, Alternatively, Xpanse™ can be installed on the opposite side of the vehicle.

How long does it take to install Xpanse™?

Xpanse™ can typically be installed in a day, but may be longer if any vehicle modification is needed.

Will Xpanse™ be pre-installed on any RV brands/models?

Yes, we are currently working with several of the biggest RV manufacturers to include Xpanse™ as a feature.

How will Xpanse™ be serviced after installation?

We are building out a network of qualified installation and service locations. Please contact us if you’d like to join the network.

Competitive Differentiation

How is Xpanse™ different than other solar options, e.g., rollable, rooftop, portable?

Xpanse™ is different and better than other current solar options in many ways:
– Its patented design has solar panels on both sides (top and bottom) that enable it to generate a signficant amount of power.
– It can be retracted when not in use so it not only takes up less space to be installed, it also generates among the highest power per installed square inch than virtually any other solar option on the market today.
– Its smart features, such as automatically retracting during adverse weather conditions, prevent damage that would damage fixed rooftop or even portable solar panels.
– The Xpanse™ app enables remote monitoring and energy management.
– Rollable solar options are signficantly more prone to cracking due to the mechanical stresses on the solar cells from repeated rolling and unrolling, and have a much lower wind tolerance than Xpanse™ which increases the likelihood of damage. Learn more about rollable solar considerations on our blog.

Technical Specifications

What are the dimensions and weight of the Xpanse™ solar awning?

The Xpanse™ solar awning is approximately 16ft long, extends about 7ft when fully open, and weighs approximately 240lbs total, including the awning, mounting, arms, etc.

How much energy does the Xpanse™ awning generate?

The Xpanse™ solar awning is a 1200 W (1.2kW) system that can generate over 6kWh per day depending on weather conditions, which is significantly more power than most RV rooftop solar products.

What are the electrical specifications, e.g, voltage and maximum power output?

The voltage is 35V with a maximum power output of 1200 watts.

Will Xpanse™ work along with an existing RV rooftop solar setup?

Yes. The Xpanse™ awning can be added as an extension to an existing rooftop system and connects to the same electronics.

Will Xpanse™ power my appliances, such as the RV air conditioner?

Xponent™ can power most appliances depending on weather conditions and usage patterns.

Also, because of its compact size, a second Xpanse™ awning can be added to the other side of the vehicle or it can be combined with other solar systems, such as a rooftop solar system.

Is Xpanse™ rain proof?

The Xpanse™ solar awning, like traditional fabric awning, is not intended for use under rainy conditions. The Xpanse™ awning will limit the intensity of a direct downpour but it is not rain-proof. However, unlike a fabric awning, rain will in no way affect the durability of the awning (e.g. fabric tearing, mildew growth etc.).

Will Xpanse™ automatically retract based on weather conditions, like wind or snow?

The awning is designed to automatically retract and stow away under adverse weather conditions, so it will not see direct impact of snow, hail, etc.

How wind tolerant is Xpanse™?

In testing, the Xpanse™ solar awning has successfully withstood wind speeds up to 45mph with no structural issues. As an additional safety factor, when wind picks up, the awning automatically retracts slightly to increase air flow between the solar panels and prevent the awning from flapping around, unlike a fabric awning. Additionally, when wind speeds exceed 20 mph, the awning automatically retracts completely to prevent any damage.

How hail-proof is the awning?

Xpanse™ can withstand light hail but could be potentially damaged by heavy hail.


How do you know the product will be reliable?

Xpanse™ has been designed from the start to be robust and durable. The product has been subjected to extensive testing. Please see our Technology page for more details.

What kind of testing have you done?

Xpanse™ has been extensively tested for mechanical, electrical, and solar generation performance, including more than 30,000 miles of outdoor testing over terrain with deep potholes, large speedbumps, cobblestones, and gravel.