About Us

Xponent™ Power is a disruptive renewable energy company with a mission to enable widespread solar adoption in markets that cannot be served by traditional solar solutions.

The core of Xponent™ Power’s innovation is a versatile and patented retractable solar technology platform that is poised to disrupt the status quo in the solar industry, and enable a wide range of additional applications such as military, emergency relief, and residential power.

The first market segment being served by the company’s solar technology platform is recreational vehicles. To address the power needs of the RV industry, Xponent™ Power offers Xpanse™; a stylish, compact, and retractable awning with solar panels for RV motorhomes that deploys at the touch of a button and provides abundant power on the go.

Based in Fremont, CA; Xponent™ Power comprises a team of solar and RV industry veterans with over 100 years of combined experience in the solar and RV industries.